Board of Directors

It is commonly known that prolifer’s would do anything and everything legally in their power to stop abortion and save as many lives as possible. We have done this for the past 50 years, since 1973. From fundraising to volunteering, to making it a calling, we have put many efforts into promoting pregnancy resource centers, getting legislation passed that protects all human life, and cut funding to the Abortion Industry.

Not only has the prolife movement done all of this, and would do all of these efforts for the next 50 years if they had to, we literally have saved lives.

Sandy Danek
Lincoln, NE

Brenda Eller
David City, NE

Chuck Conrad
Hastings, NE
Nebraska Board Member to National Right to Life

Brian Kimminau
Bennington, NE

Political Action Committee Director
Julia Lostroh
Lincoln, NE

At-Large Directors

Anet Kaus
Morrill, NE

Wendy Ridder
West Point, Nebraska

Barb McPhillips
Columbus, Nebraska

Executive Director
Sandy Danek
Lincoln, NE