Political Action

Criteria for Endorsements

Nebraska Right to Life PAC sends a survey to every candidate for State and Federal office. If survey is not returned a “Did not respond” is put by the candidate’s name. NRL PAC representatives interview candidates for major offices and rely on input from board members and pro-lifers from a candidate’s local area. Criteria for a pro-life endorsement includes a returned survey and agreement with major principles on the survey, including bioethics issues. Incumbents to an office or current elected officials seeking a different office are held to a higher standard by virtue of the fact that they have a voting record which we also take into consideration. However, when incumbents seeking the same office have a good pro-life record, they are given special status with a sole endorsement, even if a pro-lifer is challenging them. NRL PAC Board also reserves the right to give a sole endorsement where there is no pro-life incumbent to a candidate(s) who has/have served as a pro-life grassroots activist in the NRL/ National Right to Life Chapter system or other pro-life advocacy group. NRL PAC is one of the few groups that prints all of the answers of every candidate who responds to our survey. We feel it is the only fair way to let you, the pro-life voter, know where the candidates stand.

Suggested Responses to Pro-Choice Objections