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What is the origin of Nebraska Right to Life?
Nebraska Right to Life (NRL) was founded in March 1973, three months after the January 22nd Roe v. Wade ruling.  It is the largest grassroots, longest running statewide pro-life organization in Nebraska.  NRL is the state affiliate to the National Right to Life Committee in Washington, D.C.  As such, it is non-partisan and non-denominational, meaning it has total autonomy from any political party or faith.  NRL’s Board of Directors and chapter network is made up of strictly grassroots pro-lifers who have day jobs in real life but whose passion is to protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us.  As such, NRL’s grassroots activists are the voice of the pro-life movement in their communities across the state.  You will find them conducting the following activities:  manning the NRL State Fair Booth and County Fair Booths, distributing NRL Voter Guides in church parking lots during the Primary and General Elections, hosting informational meetings and community outreach, getting young people to the Nebraska Walk for Life and National March for Life, and contacting their state and federal elected officials when legislative alerts arise.
What is Nebraska Right to Life’s Mission?
NRL’s mission is to restore legal protection to innocent and vulnerable human life from fertilization through natural death. We work on policies to oppose abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and unethical bio-medical research, and work to promote a culture of Life. NRL’s three entities foster the following:
NRL Educational Trust Fund:
Organizes and pays for the annual Nebraska Walk for Life, State Fair Booth,outreach to county networks with educational materials, free-lending book and video library. Outreach includes three NRL Facebook pages and an NRL Twitter site, each updated daily, in addition to a large email list which is activated for alerts. The NRL Website is undergoing renovation and should be user-friendly by 2013.

NRL Inc.:
Administrative and lobbying arm. Lobbies on state and federal legislative issues with alerts and outreach to grassroots. Lobbies at Sate Capitol with prioritization of pro-life bills resulting in four successful bills in the past four years: LB 606 in 2008: Human Cloning Ban; LB 675 in 2009: Ultrasound Bill; LB 1103 IN 2010: First in nation model legislation banning abortion at 20 weeks gestation due to medical proof of fetal pain; and LB 521 IN 2011: Stop Web Cam Abortions bill, stopping Planned Parenthood of the Heartland from spreading their chemical abortion via web cam scheme through Nebraska. NRL Inc. hosts an annual Pro-Life Legislative Day at the State Capitol to train citizen lobbyists to talk to their state senators about current legislation. NRL Inc. is also working within a coalition of other groups to Stop Planned Parenthood of the Heartland from expanding into Fremont, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Norfolk and North Platte. NRL provides speakers in communities on pro-life subjects and NRL’s Executive Director represents Nebraska’s pro-lifers as a member of the Board of Directors of National Right to Life.

NRL Political Action Committee (PAC):
NRL PAC is considered among the top three PACs in the state that a conservative candidate needs an endorsement from, along with the Nebraska Farm Bureau and the National Rifle Association. NRL PAC surveys and interviews candidates for state and federal office and endorses candidates based upon a criteria system that is not subjective or relies upon a “who knows who system,” but rather, a criteria based upon a candidate’s track record (or lack of one) and whether said candidate has a record in public office. NRL PAC distributes up to 75,000 Voter Guides in the Primary and General Elections through its volunteer network across the state. In some cases where local activists request it, NRL PAC surveys and endorses in local county and city races.

Who funds Nebraska Right to Life?
NRL is funded largely by individual donations from pro-life Nebraskans. We receive no taxpayer funding nor are we funded by the Catholic Church or any other faith-based entity, with the exception of some donations received from church-related groups of all faiths. We are not funded by any political entities or large political donors outside of Nebraska. NRL’s list of 67,000 identified pro-life households in Nebraska is from where we seek the majority of our funding.
Doesn’t Nebraska Right to Life receive funding from the One Rose, One Life program of the State Knights of Columbus?
No, NRL does not receive funding from the State K of C. When you donate to the One Rose, One Life envelope program each January, that money is distributed by the State K of C to other pro-life entities. It does not pay for the Nebraska Walk for Life or any other NRL programs. As mentioned, NRL receives some donations from local faith-based groups such as some Altar Societies, local K of C’s or Bible Study Groups, but we have no large funding mechanism coming from any faith community. The Catholic Bishops of Nebraska have funded their own pro-life program since 1990 called the Bishops’ Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities (BPPPA). BPPPA and NRL are not connected to each other. BPPPA is under the umbrella of the Nebraska Catholic Conference and the Bishops. NRL is under the umbrella of National Right to Life (NRLC) but NRL does not receive any funding from NRLC.
Why do I get called for donations from Nebraska Right to Life or other national pro-life organizations?
NRL instituted telemarketing years ago to assist us in reaching our identified pro-life households in the state. We use Mount Development Systems (MDS) out of Mesa, Ariz., as our telemarketer. They are a Christian-based telemarketing firm that also works for NRLC and other State Affiliates of NRLC. When you get called for donations for either NRL or NRLC, you know your money is going to work in Nebraska on the programs we have listed above or is going to work in D.C. with NRLC, which has a long track record as one of the most effective lobbying forces on Capitol Hill. We have no control over other groups that call into Nebraska and claim to work on pro-life issues. We recommend you call us at NRL at 402-438-4802 if you receive telemarketing call that you are not sure about. MDS will always identify that it is calling for either Nebraska Right to Life or National Right to Life. If you are called by some group with a national or Nebraska sounding name but you are not sure if it is NRL or NRLC, be sure to ask them to repeat the name and write it down if you want to run it by us. Unfortunately, in the past some groups have called into Nebraska claiming to have a lobbying force on Capitol Hill in D.C., or doing other work but is is hard to verify that is really the case when we cannot find evidence of lobbying or political spending from such groups. In other words, we recommend that you donate to organizations with a proven track record of putting all funds back into pro-life efforts, such as NRL and NRLC.
Why are there so many pro-life and pro-family organizations in Nebraska and nationally anyway? Why don’t you just all get together?
Nebraska Right to Life (NRL) and National Right to Life (NRLC) are the oldest, longest-running grassroots single issue pro-life organizations working in Nebraska and across the nation. In NRL’s case, we were founded in 1973. The single issue focus of NRLC and its State Affiliates means all donations to NRLC’s State Affiliates goes strictly back to pro-life work, not into other issues that fall outside the purview of single issue pro-life legislative, educational and political work. Pro-family or multi-issue groups have a burden for pro-life issues as well, but their focus is understandably spread across many issues, such as marriage initiatives, gambling and other societal issues. When you donate to Nebraska Right to Life or NRLC, you can be assured that your donation is going right back into saving babies’ lives and protecting the medically vulnerable because that is our single focus.

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