The Nebraska Right to Life office provides a vast audio, video and print lending library. Requests to borrow audio or video tapes and books may be made by contacting NRL at (402)438-4802. The lending library is a free service but donations are always welcome to offset postage costs.


ABORTION: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (2) – Dr. Jack & Barbara Willke present fetal development and abortion. Two tapes, one 60 min. and one 30 min.

ABORTION IN AMERICA (1) – Dr. Bernard Nathanson in Nebraska, 1983, discusses issue.

A BETTER WAY (6) (38 min.) – Pat Boone interviews families of five hard cases and why they are glad their loved ones were not aborted.

A MATTER OF CHOICE (2) (28 min.) – Reporter investigates abortion issue and comes to startling conclusions. Good for high school students.

CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY (2) (59 min.) – Pro-life and pro-abortion leaders tell what they are doing. Included: Sens. Jesse Helms, Robert Packwood, Jeremiah Denton, Bella Abzug, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Franky Schaeffer and many others.

ECLIPSE OF REASON (2) (27 min.) – Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s video depicting a late term abortion through intra-uterine photography. More discernable images than those contained in Silent Scream. There are interviews with women who have been injured by abortion, both physically and psychologically.

THE SILENT SCREAM (4) (28 min.) – Dr. Bernard Nathanson narrates an ultrasound of an actual abortion of a 12 week baby. Has generated more debate on abortion than any other film in history.

THE ANSWER (1) (12 min.) – The voluntary testimony of Jay Kelinson, M.D., who performed the abortion in the film, the Silent Scream.

THE HARD TRUTH (2) (9 1/2 min.) – Graphic video of late term aborted babies.

WHO BROKE THE BABY? (3) (28 min.) – Based on Jean Garton’s book of same name, this video explores the rhetoric of the pro-abortion debate.


KNOWING THE UNBORN (1)(29 min.) – Startling photos and information from leading authorities about fetal development will amaze expectant parents. Motivates parents to make lifestyle changes to provide a healthier and safer environment for their unborn child.

LIVING PROOF (3) (28 min.) – Produced by Dr. Thomas Hilgers. Amazing real-time ultrasound black & white moving pictures of babies in the womb which clearly show heartbeat, arms and legs moving. Recommended highly for youth and general audiences.

THE BEGINNINGS OF HUMAN LIFE (1) (60 min.) – Takes you on an incredible voyage through the human body as new life begins. Won an Emmy Award on NOVA PBS program.

THE MIRACLE OF ULTRASOUND (1) – Good ultrasound images of baby in womb. Baby’s image is outlined for easy viewing. Interviews with teen mom.

PREVIEW OF A BIRTH (2) (15 min.) – Excellent color ultrasound pictures of babies moving in the womb.

ULTRASOUND: EYEWITNESS TO THE EARLIEST DAYS OF LIFE (2) (25 min.) – Ultrasonographer Shari Richard’s real-time moving black & white pictures of babies in womb; excellent for students.

SYMPHONY OF THE PREBORN CHILD (1) – Dr. Jerome LeJeune’s 1989 address to pro-life legislators.

FOR YOUTH: WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE? (1) (23 min.) – Fetal Development info for advanced elementary and junior high.

JOURNEY TO YOUR BIRTHDAY (1) ( 6 1/2 min. ) – Fetal development for young elementary.


NO ALIBIS (3) (38 min.) – Pat Boone production aimed at younger teens to present abortion in a classroom setting. Includes excellent fetal development pictures and geared to teens with music and fast–paced action.

TEENS & ABORTION (3) (30 min.) – Teen educator Molly Kelly before an audience of 400 high school students discussing hard facts about teen pregnancy and abortion. Molly blends personal experience and humor with sobering statistics as she presents a powerful case for teens to be pro-life.

TEENS & CHASTITY (4) (30 min.) – Molly Kelly discusses with high school students reasons for chastity. Made for public school audiences.

TEENS & SEX (4) (30 min.) – Molly Kelly before a high school audience discusses reasons for chastity and self-respect.


HEALING ABORTION (1) – Post Abortion Syndrome healing and recovery discussed.

WOMEN EXPLOITED BY ABORTION (1) Shawn Lohry discusses her experience and how to help other women.


DEATH ON DEMAND: AN ABORTIONIST’S DAY (1) (60 min.) – American Portrait Films series on abortion providers.

FRONTLINE: ABORTION CLINIC (1) (60 min.) – PBS Documentary.

MEET THE ABORTION PROVIDERS (2) Four former abortion providers speak out.

PRO-LIFE DOCTORS SPEAK OUT (1) C. Everett Koop, Jack Willke and Bernard Nathanson discuss wide ranging medical aspects of abortion and human life.


A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH: THE FUTURE? (1) (26 min.) – Expose of living will legislation and what can go wrong. Made in Great Britain.

AID IN DYING: MERCY OR MURDER (1) (60 min.) – Mary Senander at 1990 Nebraska RTL Convention.

BEARING BURDENS (1) – Produced by Lutherans For Life. Discussion of church’s role in euthanasia.

MARY SENANDER TOUR OF NEBRASKA (2) (45 min.) – Taped presentation of talk given in Scottsbluff by Mary Senander of International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force. Excellent introduction to topic.

THE RIGHT TO KILL (1) (58 min.) – Featuring William F. Buckley. Mercy killing and euthanasia are the next holocaust being pushed on America. Exposing the Hemlock’s Society’s death plans.

THE QUESTION OF NUTRITION & HYDRATION (1) (24 min.) – By Advocates For Better Care.

ON UNDERSTANDING BRAIN DEATH (1) (15 min. & 60 min. versions) – Dr. Paul Byrne.


LINCOLN LIFE CHAIN 1990 (1) – Coverage of Chain.

LIFE CHAIN (2) – California Life Chain coverage in Bakersfield and Torrance.

NEBRASKA WALK FOR LIFE COVERAGE – Tapes of 1991, 1992, 1993 Walks For Life in Lincoln.

RALLY FOR LIFE ’90 (1) – Largest ever gathering of pro-lifers in Washington, D.C.


Nine Tapes of 30 second television ads suitable to promote the right to life and crisis pregnancy centers. Provided by National Right to Life, Right to Life of Michigan.


EDUCATIONAL TAPES FOR COUNTY FAIR BOOTHS (4) – Repeating tapes made just for showing at educational booths. Includes fetal development footage and pro-life ads repeating for long play.

DOES ANYONE CARE? (1) (28 min.) – Well-known author and lecturer Father John Powell presents a moving case for pro-life.

FEMINISTS FOR LIFE (1) (28 min.) – Federica Matthews-Green talks about her own conversion from feminist activist to a pro-life feminist advocate. Abortion is an act of violence to a woman and her child. Do women, she asks, have to sacrifice their children for the sake of equality?

FIGHT THE FIGHT (1) (30 min.) – Christian artists present pro-life music.

LET ME LIVE (1) (5 min.) – Pat Boone’s pro-life song.

THE LIGHT OF LIFE (1) (28 min.) – Former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett exposes the abortion industry and tells how she was converted to a pro-lifer.

THE LIGHTHOUSE (1) – Kansas City crisis pregnancy agency.

PRO-LIFE DEBATES (2) – Debate between Helen Alvare of U.S. Bishop’s Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities and Randy Moody of Planned Parenthood of Lincoln in November, 1992.

REVERENCE FOR LIFE SERIES (3) – Father John Powell’s series of three tapes: #1 (Reenactment of the Nazi nightmare) #2 (The contemporary American scene) #3 (The challenge to conviction, a call to action.)

SANDRA CANO INTERVIEW (1) – National Right to Life interview with the woman behind the Doe v. Bolton case.

WHO WILL TELL THE STORY OF WHO WE ARE? (1) (28 min.) – Helene Alvare presents a moving discussion of the perception of the pro-life movement.

YOUR CRISIS PREGNANCY (1) (26 min.) – Highly acclaimed and created to help women with unplanned pregnancies. Features women who have had unplanned pregnancies, important information about prenatal life, abortion procedures and post abortion syndrome.