LB 626 Nebraska Heartbeat Act Advances to Second Round of Debate!

On Wednesday, April 12, LB 626 the Nebraska Heartbeat Act was advanced with a 33-16 vote after overcoming an 8 hour filibuster in the Nebraska Legislature! We needed exactly 33 votes to end the filibuster to advance the bill. It was a historic day for the pro-life movement and your prayers and advocacy for the preborn made all the difference. 

This was an important step in creating a culture of life and protecting women, families and preborn babies in our state. Nebraska Right to Life will update you when the bill is scheduled for the second round of debate in the Nebraska Legislature so you know to contact your senators again. We are so grateful for the strong proponents in our legislature who bravely stand for life! Check how your senator voted here and be sure to write a message of thanks to those who voted for LB 626. A heartbeat is a universal sign of life, and it is evident Nebraskans are committed to protecting preborn babies with beating hearts!