The Fight of Our Lives

On Wednesday, November 15, pro-abortion group Protect Our Rights released their ballot initiative language which would enshrine a right to abortion until birth in our State Constitution. They will need collect just under 123,000 signatures to put the measure before Nebraska voters on the 2024 ballot. 

The ballot initiative language allows for:

  • Abortion throughout the entire pregnancy
  • The elimination of health and safety protections for women
  • The evisceration of parental rights

This is an attempt to mislead Nebraskans and allow abortion-on-demand in our pro-life state. The time has come to make our voices heard. Nebraska women and children deserve better than this. We are ready and willing to step up to the challenge. Share this with your family and friends, and pray for Nebraska, that we will rise to the challenge and successfully defeat this extreme attempt. You can read our full response here.